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I am a father of three children, two boys and a girl. My kids were born and raised in Halton region, Ontario and all attended multiple schools in the Halton District School Board. My wife Hanan and I have lived in the Halton region for 23 years and are contributors to the Halton region community for several years as volunteers in schools and charity organizations such as Food for Life. 
 I have decided to take this step to further contribute positively to our community by running for the trustee position for Ward 1 and 2.
My vast interest in children and families’ wellbeing and improving the quality of education in our schools and communities are the greatest motivators for me to engage with the community and represent the parents and children of Ward 1 and 2.

My Vision

My vision is straightforward; we need a safe education environment, strong and happy students and innovative education system.

My Platform

My platform aims to achieve one and only one goal. Protect children’s and families' rights. That being;


The right for a safe education and school environment in which
● every student is respected and has an equal voice;
● diversity and human rights are embraced and cultivated;
● all ideas are discussed and all minorities are respected.
Such safe education environment should be defined by families and children in collaboration with the school management, the board and the government. And;


The right for a quality education to enable our children to reach their maximum potential, to compete globally for the highest quality jobs in the knowledge economy and current challenging global environment.

What I will do the next 4 years

Engage with families and serve our community

As a father to three children facing our education system over the last 18 years, I gained tremendous experience and knowledge about the system and the Halton District School Board. I decided to engage with the community and families to give back and share my learning and experience with other parents. I have first-hand experience of what families are going through, especially with all the monumental changes and challenges that we have faced as a community over the last two years. From our little ones staying home and its impact on physical and mental health to the cancellation of major school events such as graduation and prom, I went through it all with my kids. It is time to engage with our community’s parents, to work together with the school board to address issues such as mental and physical health, bullying, and other children’s safety matters.


On the other hand, as an information technology and business executive for more than 30 years, I want to share my experience with the HDSB, especially in the following areas.

Vote for Omar

Voting for Omar is a win; if you currently have kids in the education system, I will fight for your kids to have a safe learning environment. Their voice will be heard equally with respect. As a parent, you will be well represented, and your voice and concerns will reach the board and schools. You will win because the education system will be better through the use of advanced technology as well as teaching kids about crucial subjects and evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.
For voters who don’t currently have kids in the system, by voting for me you will win because you will see the impact of the quality education and safe schools for our future well-educated generations. You will see the impact on the economy and Canada’s competitive advantage.

The role of Trustee*

School board trustees are the members of a school board. A trustee’s role is to maintain a focus on student achievement, well-being and equity. Trustees are responsible for establishing policy direction. As elected officials, trustees must balance the demands of the community with the duties required by the Ministry of Education. By law, they are required to consult with parents, students and supporters of the board on the board’s multi-year plan and bring the concerns of these groups to the attention of the board. This can be challenging and takes dedicated leadership coupled with a willingness to seek innovative ideas and the courage to implement them.

Many parents are not aware of the role of trustees and how they can help them engage with the school and the board. I look forward to talking to every mom and dad in Ward 1 & 2 and bridging the gap between families and the school board.
For more information about the role of trustee, please contact me, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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